Kota Kemuning
____Christian Fellowship____
--Slay the giant and conquer KK for Jesus!


so wats about kkcf??we are a bunch of fun,cool,exited people...we are excited and passionate for GOD!!We wanna bring people to know our GOD.We wanna impact and bring breakthrough into our friends lives.We wanna see revival happening in our school,coming to know GOD and living right according to His word.We know we can because our God is a great God and He will do many amazing things and miracles for people.SALVATION IS HERE!!yeah!!Christian fellowship is the beginning of all this.Help us reach our visions by being apart of our cf.THANKS!!We also want to have our very cf in school but unfortunately its very hard to do so.So,do us a favor by joining us in praying and supporting cf so that we can have CF in school next year.We believe our cf will increase in growth if everyone is united.thx alot!!KK4jesus!


We meet every Friday after school which is 12.30pm-2pm at Cornerstone Doulos Church.
It's at Kota Kemuning , near school , same row as MCM.
Please do join us for fellowship! See you there =]

-KKCF is a part of Recess Revolution-

Come join us in Recess Revo !! It is not just about bringing people to Christ, but - even more so - about bringing Christ to people
(and into schools)!

For form 4 and 5, meeting place will be at the Dewan terbuka(at the stage). Every Wednesday and Fridays on RECESS!Coordinated by Jeremy Yap(4SN3) and Joshua Tham(4SN4).

For form 3's ,same place, every Tuesdays and Fridays.RECESS TIME. Coordinated by Lizen Cheng(3E)



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Date : Saturday, October 3, 2009
Title : Fashion show is here again???

Hey people! wasssuppp!!!
Do you all remember the fashion show we had last year??
well, this year we are having it again!awesome?
KKCF FASHION SHOW 09 is coming soon!

Yes! EVOLUTION is the theme this year!
Information:- 24th October 09
-8 pm
-New Life (above poh yap)

Dont miss out on this awesome evolution.
BTW! Shawn Lee( M'sia beatboxer) is coming too!!
Do invite your friends ya =]
This event is even shown on FACEBOOK!! fb rocks! =p
check it out.
See you ya'll there =D



Date : Friday, September 4, 2009
Title :

hey guys.!!! how are u all ?? having a great week??
monday no school ! haha .. anyways , my friend gave me a link on this super cool thing and thought of just sharing it with you all .. have a look =p

awesome?? haha .. wish i could play the piano now lol
alrights , gtg , ciaoss ppl .. have a great week !! God bless =)


Date : Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Title : quarantine ?

Heard 4sc4 and 4sc5 is quarantine.
Is is going to be bad soon? Remember to take care of yourself people.
Lets all pray for our school k?
oh ya .. this is so cute , you guys gotta see it lol
Its just so cute ! So remember ya. Take care of your health ! =)


Date :
Title : help ?

hey cf-ers ! need help for ideas !
I was wondering , how can I bring the camera to cf? so that I can take some photo's and upload it on the blog.
This is stressing me man/woman =p
any ideas? post it on the cbox ! thx


Date : Friday, August 14, 2009
Title :

Hey ppl , as you know , the PMR-ers and SPM-ers this year are starting to have their trials already, so please do pray for them (and me =p)
Remember, as the h1n1 case is spreading so fast , it may be spread to our school too , so pray! and keep yourself clean ! =]
Any prayer needs , just share them on the cbox ya =]
God bless !!! Take care ^^


Date :
Title :

This is another vid you guys should really see ..
It really and i mean really touched me =]
Please do clap for this !! It's just amazing how they can act this out ..
Jesus truly saved us !! Remember this, Jesus Loves You! Can i get an Amen to that ?? =]


Date : Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Title :

hey guys ,
so many thing to update ..
but 1st , i wanna show you all something ..
this is super sad T.T don't hold back those tears ya =p